Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sweet moments

Motherhood is full of them. A moment of shock and gratitude came just recently as my eldest daughter out of nowhere started cleaning the table and doing the dishes! I hadn't asked her, or even hinted. She is such a sweet, good girl. I know she's not perfect, but for a seven year old she's very close. Here is a darling photo, a little fuzzy unfortunately, of her after she lost her second front tooth. And for the moment she has that ever so slight lisp. It's adorable.

Another cherished moment this last week came while outdoors. My adorable baby girl and I were enjoying the sunshine. I in the shade and she in her swing. The birds were chirping, the sun was warm. And instead of spoiling the moment with lots of babble we both just sat, listened and enjoyed. It was a very peaceful moment. We were lucky to have had it, considering the busy-ness of our lives. Unfortunately I caught no photo of this moment so instead here is a photo of her playing with a box.

I guess I should have said in a box, it was so cute. She was just banging away. Being a mom is as my eldest daughter would say "ssssuuuuhhweeeeeeeeet!"


  1. Your "oldest daughter" looks so much like you. Such cute kids. Thank goodness for those little moments.

  2. Your daughters are beautiful, isn't it amazing how much fun an empty box can be.