Sunday, June 28, 2009

Taking Steps

Wow, time flies whether you're having fun or not, kwim. It's said that no project is too big when you take it a step at a time. About a month ago we went for a hike in Arizona, Tonto national bridge to be exact. Where my oldest learned and shared this very same principle. It was so gorgeous! Too gorgeous to let just one photo tell it all so I'll err on the side of too many, I always do, you should see my scrapbooks.

It was reassuring to hear my seven year old teach this principle to me, I hope she will continue to apply it to the rest of her life.

In other news we are step by step getting closer to putting our house up for sale. The transformation has been incredible, unfortunately I don't have many pictures of that but I promise to upload some later. Here's some of the outside:

And a couple I have of my craft space being cleaned out and moved to a different corner. Before I was able to load the shelves back up my youngest decided to play hide and seek. And of course big sister couldn't resist either.

And my last bit of news, so very exciting, is that our youngest darling daughter took her first steps....I wonder were they will lead her.