Saturday, November 21, 2009


I know for some (those who don't know me well) it's hard to believe, but I (quiet and a little shy Desiree) rode the bull. It wasn't a dare, or a bet, just something I wanted to try. And you know what, it was really fun, I wanna try it again. Now for you die hard rodeo fans, it was not a real bull, I can be daring but not crazy. Unfortunately it cost $3 just to ride it once or I'd have tried again. Truth be told it didn't take long for me to fall off, maybe that's why I want to try it again. You know, show that bull who's boss. :) Next on my list of things I want to try is kareoke. You know with complete strangers listening and everything. And a friend's living room does not count. Here's a pic of me on the bull:

I look like I know what I'm doing huh?! Not scared a bit. That's because it hadn't started yet, that bull was just calm as can be. Here's me holding on for dear life!!!

And though I sort of slid off rather than falling off, it still hurt...ouch! Seriously that bull is goin' down!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Happy Birthday DD1!

DD1, if you're wondering is my eldest daughter, she just celebrated her birthday. It went really, really well and she had a great time. So here is the card I made for her.

Lots of glitter and plenty of pink. Though, sadly, she's growing out of pink. The flower is actually part of a barrette that detaches from the card.

She loved it, even if it was pink. I hope to do something similar for her baptism, we'll see. Thanks for stopping by!