Monday, December 22, 2008

Holiday Craftiness

Today we delivered goodies to friends. Growing up I remember well the plates full of cookies and candies friends brought us and like wise those my mom made. We were always so excited when one was delivered. So dd and I made sugar cookies, chocolate peanut butter cookies, nestle tollhouse store bought cookie dough cookies and candy cane cookies. Then we dumped lots of store bought candies on top. Just looking at it gave me a sugar high. Then we couldn't just deliver them like that, I had to make them look pretty. So mustering the little craftiness I had left, we did these:

Isn't that purty! And so easy too. I wanted to add adorable tags, after all this is primarily a stamping blog. But alas, there was no time or energy left. So this is what they got. And hopefully the sweetness of it all will be shared among many, cuz if not, they are gonna be sick!...I know I am;).