Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Home Sweet Home...Finally

We took our chances and tried to buy a short sale. Not a good idea. Thankfully, we are now settled in a new build. A bit further out than we planned, but it feels like home and we love it.

This is a picture of the front door, I love the tile medallion in the floor.

This is the kitchen, and my youngest trying to find her bellybutton. She luuuuves belly buttons. Mostly hers but if she spies yours she can't help but squeal in delight and run after it! I think it's hilarious but her sister completely disagrees.
The linen, closet. It's magnificent. I also love the doors in this house, the sort of bead board detail in them.

The study doors, aren't they pretty! My toddler likes them too, she likes to show her love by banging on them with whatever is handy, arrgh.
The end. (aren't they cute!)