Thursday, July 30, 2009

A gift for ????

So I can't say who this one is for, she might see this but at least I can share it with you. Well sort of, only the packaging, reasoning? Well, if I open it up I can promise it won't look as good as it does now. But to make it up to you I will show you the contents of another gift for someone special.

Isn't it beautiful. The flower is from the pretties kit, have I said before how much I love the pretties kit, particularly these flowers that I can color to match any project. I'm worried SU will discontinue them before I'm ready to part with them. That's usually the case, change is something I like to take nice and slow. Anyway, the flower is popped up on a mini card that just slides through the ribbon on the box. I love it when something decorative is functional too. So here's a picture of everything inside:

After finishing this project I'm totally stuck on red, brown, and yellow together. It's such an interesting combination. This first card is so so simple, I had planned on doing more but I loved it so much just the way it was that I left it. Why mess with a good thing ya' know.

This next one is also fairly simple, no coloring anyway. Just a bunch of layering
What I like about this card is all the color in one spot. Like wearing a neutral colored dress with a fabulous handbag. Unless of course you're like me and always carrying a back breaking diaper bag, lol, so stylish! This one was just fun to color, and I liked the hardware that went so well with the focal point. This next one is the busiest of them all, but I think it works. My favorite part was the ribbon with the button attached.
And last but certainly not least:
This is actually the card that started it all, and I love everything about it. The coloring wasn't exactly fun but I'm happy with the outcome and that's important too. I hope you liked what you saw and thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

For Sale

We finally did it. Our house is on the market. And talk about a roller coaster. We had about ten showings last weekend and even an offer. We thought we were well on our way to having it sold when unexpectedly the almost buyer changed his mind. BUMMER!!!!! His reason, just got cold feet. So we're gearing up for another weekend of showings. Here's some more pictures of the house, like promised.

Here is the living room, recognize the circles on the glass. They're from the Stampin' Up decor elements. My eldest daughter said the blue curtains seem sort of juvenile, like a baby boys room. I see her point but I don't care, I like it! Besides it matches the painting on the opposite wall, sorry no pic.

The kitchen, I absolutely love all the red. And the chandelier, and especially the red chairs. People probably think that's weird, having red chairs but they go so well in this kitchen. So if you couldn't tell my favorite colors are blue and red.

This is the office. Technically it's a formal dining room, but we needed an office. The artwork is mine, it was inspired by a trip to the disneyland hotel, I think it's called california grand. It has a very arts and craft feel and is very inspiring.

And lastly our bedroom. This room is so huge it actually serves as my craft room too, which is added incentive to keep it clean so I can sleep peacefully. So that's it, if you know anyone looking for a home send them our way!