Thursday, July 30, 2009

A gift for ????

So I can't say who this one is for, she might see this but at least I can share it with you. Well sort of, only the packaging, reasoning? Well, if I open it up I can promise it won't look as good as it does now. But to make it up to you I will show you the contents of another gift for someone special.

Isn't it beautiful. The flower is from the pretties kit, have I said before how much I love the pretties kit, particularly these flowers that I can color to match any project. I'm worried SU will discontinue them before I'm ready to part with them. That's usually the case, change is something I like to take nice and slow. Anyway, the flower is popped up on a mini card that just slides through the ribbon on the box. I love it when something decorative is functional too. So here's a picture of everything inside:

After finishing this project I'm totally stuck on red, brown, and yellow together. It's such an interesting combination. This first card is so so simple, I had planned on doing more but I loved it so much just the way it was that I left it. Why mess with a good thing ya' know.

This next one is also fairly simple, no coloring anyway. Just a bunch of layering
What I like about this card is all the color in one spot. Like wearing a neutral colored dress with a fabulous handbag. Unless of course you're like me and always carrying a back breaking diaper bag, lol, so stylish! This one was just fun to color, and I liked the hardware that went so well with the focal point. This next one is the busiest of them all, but I think it works. My favorite part was the ribbon with the button attached.
And last but certainly not least:
This is actually the card that started it all, and I love everything about it. The coloring wasn't exactly fun but I'm happy with the outcome and that's important too. I hope you liked what you saw and thanks for stopping by!

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