Sunday, March 21, 2010

Comfy Sweats and Crepe Paper Roses

You know things are bad when upon entering your closet you find that every single pair of comfy sweats (or lounge pants if you prefer) are dirty. I'll confess and share with you that I own 3 such pairs of pants. Maybe that's alot, maybe not. I don't usually make a habit of asking people how many they own.

Come to think of it, I've never asked anyone. So here's your chance to confess with me, how many do you own? But that's getting off subject.

So, what would cause me to get through all three pairs so quickly without even one pair making it through the clean laundry cycle? The answer is: a husband with bronchitis and a sinus infection, a 22-month old with the same cold and an ear infection, and an 8 yr. old with also the same cold and allergies to boot! iAy carumba!!! Is that bad or what? And just when everyone is starting to get better, I(aka mom) get sick. Life sucks, and then.... you get better, :) or mostly anyway.

So now you know why I needed more than 3 pairs of lounge pants to make it through comfortably. What you are probably wondering is what crepe paper roses have to do with anything. Well, not much truth be told. Except this project I made last Monday amidst the turmoil. It turned out so beautifully that it's hard to believe anyone was sick at my house.

I love the boldness of color combined with the softness of roses, ribbon, and lace. It is full of contradiction and yet belongs together, don't you think? And it's actually very easy to make once you get past the crepe paper roses. I'd been seeing them in quite a few places and was dieing to try it. I found two tutorials (try saying that 10 times fast ), both excellent. Thank you Danielle and Shelly; I love your blogs, so very inspiring. I wonder, how many comfy sweats do they own???

It's hard to believe that anyone you look up to could possibly own comfy sweats, but kuuumm on, they're still human right. Everyone should own at least one, right?

Thanks for stopping by peeps, I hope that even if you're not wearing your comfy pants you're still comfy and cozy.


Monday, March 8, 2010

Paper Crafts Magazine... one of my favorite magazines. And not just because I recently won a contest of theirs. Mostly it's because there magazine is full of fabulous projects with tons of variety. They also have a blog, well two blogs really, with more ideas and more chances to win. And not just contests but sweepstakes too, sometimes if you're extremely lucky, you can win something just by commenting on their blog. Actually that happens frequently...I haven't won any of those yet but how lucky can one person be right. So I'm uploading this card for their olympics of stamping contest.
I made this last Christmas but I wasn't ready to part with it just yet, that happens from time to time. Hope you like it too, and if you'd like to enter you have until tonight at midnight! Good luck!

Babies Galore

I love making baby projects, and for the next couple months there are enough babies being born (that I know anyway) to keep me very busy. This particular baby project is for a friend. She is having her first girl!!! And she loves the color purple...purple everything. So hopefully she'll like this.

The papers are from DCWV, the flower is a prima, the ribbon and floss are just something I found at the craft store, everything else is Stampin' Up! Even the saying is ("A baby is a gift from above- bringing joy down to earth, filling hearts full of love.") from Stampin' Up! only I generated it from my computer. The sentiment on the card is from PaperTrey Ink which says "baby is stirring." I think it goes perfectly with the butterflies, don't you? I've got at least 3 more baby projects to make, so if you've got any good ideas I'd love to hear them. Thanks for stopping by!