Sunday, March 22, 2009

Speaking of Fathers,

Isn't he cute! This is my DH (dear husband), and he is an excellent father. To demonstrate, I have another picture:
and another, hee hee hee:

See even when he's exhausted he knows how to entertain them with the least amount of energy :). LOL! Those three (people, not photos) are so precious! It was recently his birthday and for at least one more day he's an old man! That's because in one more day I'll be as old as him, bummer. Then he is no longer old, because that would make me old. And that we cannot have! So in case you're wondering, I'm turning 29........again. :(

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  1. Such a cute family. Happy Birthday to both of you. I promise I didn't forget. I just didn't remember to call or send an email, but I did know it was your birthdays recently. Anyways Happy Birthday to both of you!!