Thursday, March 12, 2009

DAD!!! Don't look!

"Why?," you ask. Because this next card may or may not look like the one I will be sending for Father's Day. So skip this post and know that I love you! Now leave, I mean it!

Okay, now that he's gone I can talk about this card. Truthfully I really struggle with masculine cards. If it were up to me everything would have flowers, and ribbon, some pink. Now can you see a father's day card like that?!? Me neither so here are some guidelines I use when crafting masculine cards.

1. Keep it simple! It is so fun to get carried away with all the great papers and embellishments, but don't.

2. Be careful in your color choice. (like no pink, unless your guy is a little more metropolitan and can handle it) But truthfully I don't know any like that.

3. I try to stay away from ribbon, not that it couldn't work, it's just trickier. If you do use ribbon, don't tie it in a bow. You probably knew that, but the more tips I post, the smarter I feel. And yes, this blog is supposed to make me feel good. Why not, right?

4. Use hardware, it gives your card a tough guy feel.

5. Be careful with buttons. They're also tricky.

Okay, was that helpful? Maybe. I hope so. And here's the fabulous, and manly card:

For the recipe and details click here.

Take care, and happy stamping!

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